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One of the Oldest Independent Sony Dealerships

Three generations of TV and radio repair and service, including a coveted independent Sony retail dealership, have served Southern Oregon in this location since the 1950s. Ready to retire, the grandson of the original owner, is putting the businesses on the market.

Retail, Repair, In-Home Installation

Several Overlapping Businesses

Several co-existing businesses operate under the same umbrella in this location.

  • Retail: Sony Dealership + large inventory of hard-to-find cords, connections, and parts
  • Repair: Consistent repair business for radios, tape players, and TVs
  • In-Home Service: Busy in-home set up for home entertainment systems
Years of History and Customers

Repairs & Sales

A rural area typcially has a deep seated habit of fixing vs throwing out. That’s very true for old trucks, farm equipment, and surprising electronics. A steady stream of customers rely on Nelson’s to rehabilitate well-used tape decks, record players, TVs, and the like.

This same clientele doesn’t necessarily order extensively online. But would rather do business face-to-face.

  • Extensive library of repair manuals for TV repair
  • Repair tools for 50 years of electronics
  • Long term relationships with electronics vendors, including Sony
Klamath Lake at sunset
100 miles of Customers

A community Hub

With big box retailers located in the larger cities 50+ miles away, Nelson’s TV & Radio Sales & Service serves a large geographic area of customers, many whose family have shopped here for years.

Serving the Communities of:
  • Klamath Falls, Keno, Bonanza, Lakeview
  • Dorris, MacDoel, Tulelake
  • Chiloquin, Fort Klamath

We Provide the Best Service in Klamath Falls

We install what we sell; and we repair your older loved electronics so you don’t have to upgrade or throwaway.